#VoteforSuzie, by Matthew Epperson

If you are reading this, consider youself blessed. Not because I’m writing this, but because you now have an opportunity to help someone. #VoteforSuzie is something I’m starting to bring awareness to what Suzie is doing for us inmates. If you are reading this, please, take 5 minutes out of your day and go to Once there, look for the Achievement Award and nominate Suzie Jennings (Founder of If nominated, Suzie will be invited to the show and put on a live broadcast where she will be given an opportunity to shine a light on her website. Seriously, people, what is 5 five minutes of your day? You’re already on the internet. Open up another page for crying out loud!


In other news, my book, A Splendid Compromise, is getting it’s name changed. Since it isn’t a published, or even finish product, I felt that now is a better time than ever. I have a complete first few chapters and Im still hoping to have a completed product come Sept. (More than likely Oct.) Thank you all for your support and encouragement. If you want to send me a line, go to and add me to your contacts. I look forward to everyone reading my first novel, Ruse of Discontent, hopefully sometime in the early spring. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the blessings you have in life.

Go see something live!


Work With Me People!

(To find the e-Town radio station in your area:

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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