Paul Stotts

“Secret marketing of “Estee Lauder” a possible challenger to the best marketer ever” By Paul Stotts

As I continue to study marketing, I’ve run across a case that “may” compete with the women I mentioned in my prevous post who marketed puppies at a little league football game next to the snack stand.
Does the name Estee Lauder wring a bell for anyone? I grew up with a sister that was a year younger than I. Estee Lauder was a name I regularly sow on the beauty products lining the bathroon counter. I never once game even the slightest of thought about who this women was or how she grew this empire of womens cosmetic products. When I ran across the story about Estee a few days ago, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Wow, this women knows how to market her product.” Let me share the story.
Many years ago Estee was attempting to enter the rather competitive world of womens perfume sales. She had mixed a wonderful scent and wanted to get it into a prestigious store in Paris. On this perticular day, Estee entered a store and met with the top sales representative. It’s not exactly clear why, but on this day her perfume was rejected. The store clerk said they wouldn’t be able to add her line to their selection.
Estee, being a women that knew her product knew she had something special. The perfume was just too unique and Estee knew all she needed was a shot to make it to the top. She wasn’t willing to give up just yet. On her way out of the busy store, she “accidently” dropped a bottle of her perfume. The bottle broke. Glass was everywhere. A small croud of customers attempt to help clean up.
As the perfume was being wiped, several customers asked Estee what perfume she had purchased becasue it had a wonderful scent that none of them recognised. As the scent spread throughout the store, more and more customers asked what it was and inquired about purchasing a bottle. Many spoke to the same exact store clerk that just minutes ago rejected buying the bottles.
With all the customer interest, the store clerk had to admit that the perfume would be a good business choice for the store. With this accidental drop of the perfume, Estee Lauder got her start into the womens perfume industry. this later led her into cosmetics. As of today, I’m not exactly sure for men, but I’m sure almost every women (and anyone with a sister) has agleast heard her name.
Great marketing story??? I think so. I’m still trying to decide if the women who I got my dog from or Estee has the top business marketing spot. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion.
As always, have a wonderful and blessed day.
Found in a college text book titled “Business,”
“Beauty Queen,” People magazine. May 10th, 2004. pg 187

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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