We Need To Change, by Matthew Epperson

Last night, on Billboard Music Awards, a young, beautiful Texas native got up on stage and pelted the hearts of the American people with conviction. She was refering to the recent school shootings that have devastated our nation this year. Instead of giving a call for silence in memory of the lost, she demanded a call for action. It was very emotional and touching, righteous even. But a question struck me during her protest; what is it exactly that needs to change? What is the action that needs to be taken? Is it more strict gun laws? Better parenting? More equal minded politicians?

No! None of these things will fix or change the deep rooted problems in our society. Sure, regulating guns would make it harder to carry out some of these horrific scenes, but it doesn’t change anything, and here is why… MOTIVE!!! Do they realize that with the will to do it, another 911 could happen again regardless of the beef-uped security that EVERYONE HATES at our airports? And why? Because peoples hearts are not changing. Do they know why 911 happened, or Las Vegas, or Pulse Night Club, or any of the numerous school shootings? All of these law enforcement officials want to figure out motives to ease everyone’s mind when the real answer is sorely this. THEY WANTED TO! Just like murder, or rape, or robbery. They can make excuses, but the truth is that these people wanted to do these things. You can’t change the will of someone else. They have to do it themselves.

Here’s what I encourage you and implore you to tell your friends. Ask yourself about everything you do, what’s my motive? Whom might I hurt by doing this? Am I doing this out of selfishness, or consideration or others?

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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