“A Mothers Day Shout Out for All the Mothers, and Espically Mine” By Paul Stotts

Tomorrow is mothers day. I’ve always known this is one of the “best” holidays celebrated that brings families together and an abundance of joy and love… however, until I came to prison, I don’t think I really knew how special mothers are to so many.
In prison, there is a large group of people that come from single parent families, raised in inner cities and have struggled through poverty. The one things that seems to overshadow these hardships and bring the sunshine is a mothers love!!! Over and over again I’ve heard the words “I only have my mom,” or “my mom sends me money and helps out.”
Through the hard times, through jail and prison sentences, I’ve got to give a big shout out to all the mothers that weater the storm, side by side, letter to letter, J-pay to J-pay. In a place that lacks joy and love, there are conversations of family, of mothers that never give up. Mothers bring strength through the hard times, give support and push us forward to better days to come.
To all the mothers out there reading this post, know it matters!!!! To my mother that has given nothing but the mostlove and support and helped in everything positive in my life, know I love you and appriciate every minute… second… days… and years of your love for me!!! Thank you mom,
Love you always,

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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  1. Lovely, Paul! I haven’t done any time, but I have still put my mom through it sometimes. But she has always been there for me. As I get older, I appreciate her more and more.


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