LOVE OF MY Kareem Shabazz

She’s the love of my life, she’s the air i breathe..
She’s more than average, and no she’s not my wife,
Just a important part..
She listen and always spreak her mind,
She’s polite and sometimes kind..
She has manners and does everything she set her mind out to do..
She’s my world, that’s my boo, more precious than silver & gold,
No she’s not old..
She’s my story many times told,
Mean’s more 2 me then life itself..
I love her no matter how much she makes me mad.. when im not around her we’re both very sad..
I will never try 2 replace her.. she’s one of a kind,
nor would i giveup on her.. Why? Because she’s my favorite woman, she’s my momma and she’s all mines; loving her is food 2 my soul..
she makes everything beautiful and virtuous like a Muslim woman!

Kareem Shabazz
DOC #590-579


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