Mark Alston


We can better Kings, Queens, Leaders, Fathers,
Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Wifes, Husbanys, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Businessmans Businesswomans, Religious, mans ,and womans, and friends if we commute are love, loyalty, and trust in sharing are beliefs with each other. We have to be willing to listen in put forth the effort, and not hold judgement, prejudice on one another. As people we have to unlock are mental restraint so we can bee free to restore are hidden scars of pain, depression, sadness, and abuse in not allowing are self be love or love because we dont want to move on or let are self down, and others down. I am here to say we can rise to be KINGS, and QUEENS, togather from today on and we shall remove the mental restraints on are minds and walk to freedom to gain peace in hppiness as we all deserve.
P.S. counsel each other, bulid each other, love one another, as i do. Have faith in are creator, me and your GOD. Father GOD bless those who face the struggle, heal trouble souls, and please deliver us all from evil.

Mark Alston
DOC #490240

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