Easter (Fool’s) Day?!! By Jacob J. Gamet

I woke to another sleep-deprived morn, up till about 3-ish a.m. Can’t recall when my REM (rapid eye movement) finally kicked in. Actually, for the past week my circadian rhythm has been off. I’ve just returned from another weeklong journey to “Law-Law” Land, where my mind has been immersed in legal principles/doctrines/canons/rules/hornbook law/syllogisms and stuff I can’t quite remember. All I know is I just wrapped up a 15-page legal brief that required an inordinate amount of mental cardio. It is finished!

Speaking of which, I was surprised when a buddy asked me if today was Easter. Feeling rumblings of indignation rising to my lips, I said: “The irony to even consider such a question–on April Fool’s day??” I wasn’t sure what day Easter fell on. For some reason, I’d assumed it was couched more toward the middle of the month. My buddy retorted, “I watched people celebrating Easter on TV. Are you sure?” “Maybe they’re like some people or groups who celebrate it early. Who knows. If it is Easter, I’d imagine Christians would be up in arms about the slight of sharing such a sacred day with a national joke day,” I tried to rationalize it to make peace with myself.

He walks by me later, this time with an all-to-eager smile on his face, “Man, I just got off the phone and they said it was Easter.” “What?!” I said deflatedly. How could this happen?! I went to my cell, and my calendar was still on March. I hadn’t checked it for days. I just returned to the surface from a long scuba dive into the ocean of law. Not fully decompressed yet, I ripped away March and there it was: Easter Sunday!! in locked arms with April Fool’s day?? My mind screamed “HERESY!!”

I was bothered because it’s difficult enough for a lot of Christians to rebut the skeptics and critics of their faith. It’s like placing a bullseye on Christians and them goading others to throw darts at them. But for the devout, it was a welcomed opportunity to endure ridicule for their faith, to stand for what they believed in.

But still, didn’t they see this coming and couldn’t anyone do something to prevent it. What is meant to be is meant to be, I guess. I was reluctant to indulge in the usual April Fool’s day jokes. To be honest, they stung a bit. The humor seemed in poor taste, like talking during church communion.

My friend sent me a short “Happy Easter!” email. Then it hit me! Easter isn’t about what is happening now. It’s about what has happened and how nothing can change the implications of one eternally-benevolent act. For thousands of years, forces have been trying to undermine the significance of divine sacrifice, trying to strip down to its conscious-cleansing sentiment.

My perception changed. I parenthesized “Fool’s” so as to place it in proper context: a footnote… the small print… an asterisk… and a distracting background prop on the stage of the world’s biggest play. Why look at it? Why dignify it with a millisecond of my attention?

Life itself is a distraction. One must be able to identify and reject (or adapt to) life’s mental banana peels. I must obtain that which is pure and truly meaningful. For whatever comes easy does little to build one’s eternal character.

As a matter of fact: why am I not as bothered by Santa Claus attempting to hijack Christmas? Technically, I didn’t have an issue with it growing up as a kid looking forward to snow and presents. Maybe I’ve been conditioned and desensitized by holiday tradition. But that’s a good thing right? Nothing should bother me, that is, if I put on the Armor of God.

So Happy Easter (Fool’s) Day to you all!!!

Jacob Gamet
DOC #883302

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  1. A sovereign Christ I have,
    He rose up from the dead;
    He shed his blood to save,
    And now the price is paid.

    He sits upon his throne,
    Up high in heaven above;
    O’er sin and hell he’s won,
    For all that him will love.

    The cosmic Christ his rule,
    Is right across the board;
    In heaven and earth and over all,
    Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Fear not, fear not my people,
    All things work for your good;
    Doubt not that I am able,
    To bring you near to God.

    He’s Alpha and Omega,
    The first the very last;
    God and Christ, Jehovah,
    His steadfast love’s the best.

    (© James R Hamilton, written February 2016)


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