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Hello I’m back to continue my blog to whomever may be reading this,so I left off with stating that I’m in prison due to falling in love with the wrong woman.How? did this happen I guess you wonder? I got released from my second prison bid to come home to a beautiful woman that held me down for 3 years straight. The only thing that broke my heart at that time was she ended up getting pregnant by another man thou the worst part was she had an abortion to keep me from knowing.When I found this out I left to end up meeting this other woman.To be honest still to this day I have much love for the woman I left to be with this other woman.Anyways things were so good with me an this new lady of my life to the point.I accepted her proposal to marry her and move in with her all in a 2 months time.Though what I have’nt told y’all is she had five kids ranging from 18 months, 3,5,7,9 years old.I was sooo in love with this woman that I changed my lifestyle to be a better man for her and the kids.I worked from 9 to 5 having side jobs. I cooked, cleaned,and took excellent care of the children. Never did they want or need for anything.Things were going so good that we ended up moving out of the projects to a 3 bedroom house.My mother was so happy for me and my family felt that I found the right woman.But as the old saying goes all good things come to an end.I was NEVER!! prepared for what this woman did to me next.The father of the 18 month old was getting released from a New York federal prison in which I even accepted one of his collect calls that had my wife upset to even talk to dude.I told him I would never keep him from his child but due to us being married he has to respect her wishes.2 weeks later I found out from my step daughter that this man was in my house while I was at work for her and the kids.Well finally the truth of my marriage came to a head when I came home from work due to an emergency phone call to my job.Rushing home to see an ambulance, fire truck,and police cars.I was so worried that I jumped out the car with it still running. As I approached the house 2 detectives came toward me asking me was I Mr.Diaz? I asked why this is my house what’s going on? They said you need to come with us right now grabbing my arm trying to pull me toward their car.I snatched my arm yelling for them to let me go I need to see what’s going on with my family.While going at it with them I noticed my wife and the dude standing on my front porch with this crazy look on their face.When I got to the police station they sat me in this room,seconds later they said we have reasons to tell you that your wife has made claims that you’ve been sexually molesting your kids.I screamed what the fuck did you just say jumping out of my seat to flip the table over.They told me to stay away from my wife and kids…………………………
I eventually got to go back to my home but I wished to this day I NEVER!!!! went back to this woman.Instead of her being woman enough to just say she wanted to be with the other man.What put the dagger in my heart was when she told me while I was in the county jail that if she couldn’t have me No!! other woman would.Well I guess her words were true because after 15 years later I still sit here in prison for a conviction of a deceitful act by my ex wife. To conclude this I’m still fighting this case but I hope someone can understand that all men in prison are’nt guilty.I’m just guilty for falling for the wrong woman…
Thee End!!!!!!
www. shawndiaz@473104

Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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