Charles Sims

Our Children & The Misuse of Guns By Charles Sims

I have listened too and watched how our community has been targeted by children in school with guns and knives, due to the misuse of weapons and it is a shame that the gun laws and that the government sits by and twittle thier fingers in think that the best result is to further arm people and put more guns in the schools but what happens when the teacher that has been armed is having a bad day or is feeling overwhelmed by the behavior of children and there is always those trigger happy individuals that are gun ho and they are just as scary and dangerous as those that intentions are to create an act of violence. Of course their are a lot of people that advocate for the gun law and they tend to be the ones who guns and weapons are a source of defense and the first form of protection that their children is taught about and as a result their children believe that the way to deal with any adversity should be met with hatred and violence and in no way is that an acceptable lesson that we should ever allow our children to have to learn by personal experience. I am living proof that the misuse of weapons can be a factor that changes the course of your life. True indeed I did not kill or rape anyone however it does not change the fact the gun that was in my possession was the cause of a chain of events that has changed the course of my life for the last 23 years. And the effects of the action that changed the course of my victims life. Without the access to the gun in question the attempt at robbery or the act itself would have never taken place but now there are some young ones out there thinking about how they find a way to fit in because they feel as if they are different and they are thinking about making the same mistakes that I once made and this is when they have control over their choice as but one wrong choice and then our choices is taken away from us and we are made to do what is decided for us by our “government”, I don’t hate our government, I know that hate is the number one problem, therefore; even in my current position I had to learn to have love because it heals the hurt. I smile so that misery can not take a hold of me and therefore I am trying to Inspire the positivity that I have learned to reflect. Its going to get better and sometimes we have to say it a lot but in the end it stands to be true because I choose to believe it to be. By Charles E. Sims A340-460, email me at jpay. com

Charles Sims
DOC #A340-460

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  1. Charles, one thing is for certain through your blog, and that is the necessity for you to practice good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    If you have spent the last 23 years behind bars for brandishing a weapon, then you need to hone up on these skills and compose an appeal letter. Nowhere in America do we sentence someone for 23 years, who brandishes a weapon, even if it’s a bazooka.
    That being said, I commend you for taking a stance as to gun control. As I am even for the elimination of automatic machine guns for public and private use.
    However, it is our constitutional right to bear arms and protect that which we hold sovereign. My family, my neighborhood, my state and my country. Were I more Christ like, I could turn the other cheek, however that is not my persona, and I have made sure I lived when others didn’t.
    Although I was raised on a farm in Nebraska and have been using a rifle since I was 5 years old, I do not own a weapon now. Nor have I taught my children proper usages. Perhaps I did this out of fear that they would find it easier to pull a trigger than to communicate through spoken words. As a past Marine, there isn’t a weapon I haven’t used, but I first attempt to find common ground and build rapport, prior to having to fight.
    As to janebasilblog, I do not think things are going to get better. We had 8 school shootings in a 44 day period this year. That’s more than the previous 7 years of the decade. And they are still continuing. As these young people struggle with their Psychosis, it is sad that they can generate no other outlet than to harm others. And that is on society, which has promoted the ideas of individualism above the group.
    Individualism is a maturing growth which usually manifests itself during high school years. Certainly in college.
    The conundrum these young shooters have faced is that they are confused as to their placement as well as who they are, and that is the parents and the teachers fault.
    I hope you’ll do the right thing, and study, study, study. Practice, practice, and practice.
    And write that letter which frees you. Good luck, and God Bless you.


  2. I agree with everything you say. Your closing paragraph – saying that things will get better – inspired me. thank you for sharing. I hope that posts like yours will help to bring about more understanding of prisoners as individuals.


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