Karen Newberry

Boring Day All out of Books to read …..by Kari Newberry

Prison really sucks when you don’t have a good book to read…..sad but true ,there are no groups this week it is a down week …..I can’t get on a decent detail full time ,so Mondays really suck for me…..I read all the books sent in to me this weekend and magazines…… I’m very well read…..that is one thing I have a lot of is time to read…..thankfully we finally got somebody here who knows how to get something done and is delivering our books Ms.Yeargin has delivered books two Fridays in a row …..wow …thanks Ms .Yeargin…..We will be getting a new Detuty Warden Mr .Dewberry left he went to a men’s boot camp…..

Kari Newberry
DOC #95264

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