Bobby Irelan

by Bobby Irelan

My name is Bobby Irelan, I have been around the sun 32 full times, and have been locked away for almost twelve of them.. I’ll probably get out next year sometime but as of now,2020 is my outdate.
In these years away a lot of things have unfolded within me that I can definitely say wouldn’t have if not met with extreme isolation.. Somehow I have been drawn into what most would consider the darker side of reality, and I would be a shell of myself if you removed my occultism from my heart– but its all relative, as we know..
I’ve been graced with a weird talent for creating music with a six string, which has been self taught I guess you would say, and as an artist I have found it to be my fullest expression yet.. I am very passionate about the underrated truth concealed within the abrasive tones of black metal in its myriad forms..
on the other hand, I had a visit with my family today and my three year old niece ruled my world.. I am two sided.. my light is authentic.. I’ve been told its unmistakable… And I feel relief when I can assist someone in overcoming a personal barrier with themselves.
all in all, humanity is full of living potential and I seek to embody my own individual part of that waiting water..

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F59719

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