Bennie Lackings

“REMEMBER” By: Bennie Lackings

Remember me for the good things that I’ve done, and not the bad. Remember me for all the times that I gave, when I really didn’t have. Remember me for the joy I’ve brought into the lives of others, not the pain. Remember me for my rationality even though some have labeled me insane. Remember me for my intelligence, when some thought I was dumb. Remember me for where I’ve been and not just where I’m from. Remember me, my friends, and other believers, how we were there for one another. And remember how I’ve called people of all races, nationalities and lifestyles, my sisters and brothers. Remember me for my humbleness, and not for my attitude. Remember me for the gifts that I’ve accepted and showed much gratitude. Remember God, His love, and His mercy for all human beings. So just remember most importantly, John 3:16.

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869

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