Fayvun Manning

“Easier Said than Done” by Fayvun Manning

My time has been a huge struggle, tring to stay on that stright and narrow path laid out by the pure in heart for those who has the inner strength and the abilty to reconize the truth when it manifest its self to one who has the eyes to see.
I’ve been on my square since 1999 when I first discovered my true self and since then, I have back slid, but I’ve always had the strength to overcome and draw a circle around my passions and desires keeping them within the bounds of rightousness, always perferring humanity over my self and theat’s nothing to brag about because the clearest human knowledge is but blindness and folly and I dont always see my yellow brick road or receive my pot of gold on the phicial plane of existence and that’s of because now I love and do not demand love in return I just do because thats my truth at that, my idea comming to life through the powers that I grant it.
Keep your eyes open so that you can see, yours ears open so that you can hear, and your mouth closed so that you can listen to the still small voice because its’ out there because it has always been, I AM just your brother man going to and fro the earth creating what I will, untill next time, practice what you preach!



Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

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