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( arts and crafts ) BY KODY OSCO

laying here in my bunk looking out the window the snow falling. coyotes howling and I had to quit working on the motherhood rings I’m making my daughters out of pop cycle sticks, tendinitis in my elbows. these rings there somehing special and sell fast as I can craft them up. only problem it’s a lot of time and work to make one.. and most inmates don’t understand why $7.00 is really a bargain, as it takes 3-4 days of hand picking sticks then glueing them let dry another day. then clip the outer corners with toenail clippers, then begin hand sanding the inner circle first to the proper ring size. then mold and shape the outer. then paint a name or I found a big thing to be Paint sobriety dates on them.. I did this for my mom she cryed the entire visit loved it.. I’m try and take a photo to attach so my followers better understand and appriate what I’m referring to I also make nice custom photo frames and little night stand boxes.. its not every day you’ll see a custom ring out of wood that’s of high quality, and craftsmen ship. as people in the free world just simply don’t have the time to make such nonsense.. I can. just about custom design anything one would want, or need.. and starting this year I’m taking my ring making to higher levels, got couple other inmates, and if anyone reading this wants a custom ring just e.mail ring size, what you would like painted on it, any other request you see fit. $2.00 will be donated to some cause still trying g to find or work this detail out. but it’s my goal to take all the art league members and turn it into something positive, that gives back to the community. if anyone has ideal or a organized organization that needs help , also e-mail me the details.. well peace and love for now ,

DOC #640807

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