Johnnie Walters Jr.

Star Talk…

I have been watching “Star Talk” (on Nat Geo), as they were discussing the possibilities of intelligent life on other planets, which honestly left me with ONE question… If we can barely live on Earth without
discriminating on eachother, what would we do in the event we
discover a completly different LIFEFORM (or planet)???

Food 4 Thought –

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185


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  1. Just wanted to find away to let you know your beat

    “Int’l Izm ” is one of the greatest beats i have ever listen to I got to make a song off of it im not trying to sell it or anything just love it so much i had to write a story on it
    I had to tell the creator I tip my hat to you

    The song is almost done ill post a link at some point


  2. What other people think and do are not our business, but that what we think and do is. Therefore the question is: Do I discriminate on others and what would I do in the event I discover a completely different lifeform contacting me?
    I might at first run and hide, maybe I would be so very curious, how could I be kind to this lifeform… Lot’s of questions and what other people think and do will be up to them.


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