Jesse Bailey


I went down to use the bathroom a second ago and overheard a conversation between a couple of people who I call, “cool – losers”.

I don’t know what they were jabbering about. It was all just static noise to me.

But then I took notice of who was running their mouth. It was Dummy D. I started listening to how he was talking, not what he was saying.

He had this slur or a wine about his voice. He shortened his words and sort of drugout the end of them too. Also, every other word was either the ‘N’ word or “Know what I’m sayin homie”.

I am pretty sure this guy is a little stupid. Maybe I should say; Not all there, instead.

I know from past conversations and experiences with him that his mind tends to think a little differently than most people.

It didn’t help who he was having the conversation with. Because that guy was feeding into his stupidity and ignorance. Kinda like egging him on.

Also, the third party of this intense, loud and extremely obnoxious chatter was a naked man in the shower washing his ass.

Why are you talking to a man while he’s washing his balls? I mean, come on, really!

Is this really the best time you 3 can get together and bullshit. I’m sure there are better times and places to talk to each other.

It was so irritating and hard to listen to that it switched over to being funny. It’s like seeing something so ugly or awful but can’t look away. I just couldn’t help but but listen to them even though I didn’t want to.

I just chuckled to myself while I washed my hands then left the bathroom .

People like this are all over the place in here. This is a normal daily occurrence around here.

The bathroom is THE hangout spot, as weird as that sounds.

Here’s how the bathrooms are set up…
They are about 12 feet wide and 25 feet deep. They are located at the end of the tier.

As you walk in, there are 2 urnals on the left side followed by 3 normal toilet stalls. Then by 4 shower stalls.

The showers stalls are about Chest height with a swinging door at the front. They are about 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. They are all made with white tile and grout. The showers have a single button to push to start the water. About 30 seconds a push.

The opposing wall have 7 sinks. Each sink has a tiny little metal shelf, and a mirror made from a piece of highly polishes stainless steel also bolted to the wall.

Some mirrors even have the occasional knuckle/fist imprint on them. Or have had that asshole inmate who took a scotchbrite pad and scratched it all up.
( try shaving your face in that for a couple a decads. Its not easy.)

Paper towels, hair and dirt is all over the floor. Sometimes there is food in the sink from people washing their bowls and not cleaning up after themselves. there is toilet paper by the toilets under the stalls and empty toilet paper rolls on the floor. The whole place is just grotesque.

But That’s where people like to hang out.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is this place sucks, and the people in here don’t make it any easier either.

Ignorance runs rampant around this place. Can’t fix stupid!

As Forest Gump says, ” Stupid is as stupid does”.

However, thinking about it, stupid people make the world go round.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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  1. I would have felt like schooling them on being stupid but I wouldn’t have, so glad I am not inside, done a bit in hmp Manchester and the worst part was the mentality of people, most are thick as fuck, and agree with each other like they talking legit, stay up


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