Marcus Inman


I was at work in the Starfford Creek Correction center a week ago and I seen a tattoo, I had to do a double take to see exactly what it said ! ” Think for yourself , Question Authority” ! I let it sink in for a little bit.. That statement is powerfull !.. What happens when you question authority ? They say when you question Authority that you have a problem with it!.. When I meet a figure of authority who is unintelligent and seems to be uneducated, I question how they came to be in their position… Yes Man! More then likely ! There’s so much going on in our Nation today ! Unarmed individuals being murdered by officers, officers being killed in cold blood by citezens.. Corruptions in our government ! Misappropriation of funds in Washington Department of Correction.. Google the “Thinking For A Change” program…. Its an evidence based corrections program that has been piloted throughout Washington’s prisons and teaches us as incarcerated individuals absolutely nothing about how to be successful outside of these walls of prison… Corruption was reported by Department Of Corrections employees and they were punished for their accusations and evidence of corruption collected.. I believe they lost their jobs and Have filed suit against the department for obvious reasons… What are the intentions of the Authority figures of our Country ? Don’t be afraid to question Authority ! We must be leaders as citezens and let our voices be heard.. Some people may pay this Blog no mind because it doesn’t effect them, you have to live it in order to feel it, a lot of the time.. I’ll be on here pointing things out for everyone to look into.. If you wanna see it for yourselves, look into the directions I point out to you..I don’t have access to the internet in here so its a pain to do any decent research… Google the Washington State Department of Corrections CI Scandal. CI stands For Correctional Industries… Its to deep for me to break down in this blog, but its there.. These people are taking business right out from under the small business owners noses in every community a Prison Exist… Modern Day Slavery ?… Keep an open mind tho.. I do.. I see both sides of the spectrum.. I’m not a disgruntled prisoner…. I’m good… Hope everyone has a good day. Let me hear back from you..

My name is Marcus Inman # 313901.
I’m currently incarcerated at Stafford Creek Correction Center. 191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen Wa,98520..
I’m 27 years old and incarcerated for Weapons Violations… Every American has the right to let their voices be heard.. I would like to open the eyes of the citezens of our nation to the things I’ve seen first hand and continue to see on a daily Basis… I haven’t even began to touch the surface, and I’m not sure if this message will be allowed to make it out of this facility But if it does its been permitted to pass by the Authority figures who monitor all outgoing and incoming mail for numerous reasons.. You can contact me by mail or Create an account At using my name Marcus Inman #313901…… Its simple .. I have 2 years left to do in prison and I’ll be free again…. Think for Yourselves, Question Authority !…

Marcus Inman
DOC #313901

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