Daniel Turner


One thing I’ve noticed with Christians in prison. Not all of them, but I would say probably the majority. They use it as a device to make themselves feel better about what they’ve done in their lives. Instant “forgiveness” by just reciting some magic words and reading a book. I don’t know if it’s right to want to escape your guilt. I don’t want to escape mine for what I did. I’m not even sure I deserve the type of automatic forgiveness that Christians are always talking about. And what about people, the majority of them in prison, who accept this forgiveness and then don’t change? They go on to commit the same crimes again, hurt people again. I think we all need to look more deeply about what forgiveness means and how it affects prisoners. Forgiving oneself seems very very easy to me. It’s much harder to truly accept responsibility and change. That should be the focus.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. Just because someone claims to be christian doesnt mean they are. On another note, part of accepting Gods forgiveness also means you accept the fact you are human and make mistakes. Regardless of how awful you think that bad decision or mistake is. Im a prison wife and my husband is serving 2 decades in prison. He has expressed similar feelings about his crime. He accepts responsibilty and is serving his time but he also forgave himself. Sometimes a little self forgiveness can go along way regardless of your religion. I strongly believe wrong is wrong and that everyone makes wrong decisions and choices. Acknowledge what you did wrong then fix how you proceed after. Definitely agree. Those who keep committing the same crime or sin have not truly accepted God and changed their ways.


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