Robert Hampton

Robert Hampton

This is my first time on this site so allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert Hampton #708710 I’m serving a 30 year sentence for murder. In my whole time down I have sat back and just watched the corruption from the inside. I was a tax payer when I was free, so I can recognize a scam for money. Prison has 2 scams currently. (1) corporate industries or (C.I.) (2) jpay. So lets talk about C.I. and how it effects tax payers. READY? So I’m here at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. We have C.I. jobs. well, about a year and some change we had C.I. leaders on the news talking about our fish factory. They lied and told the public we would be eating fish here in a month (it never happened, they packed up and ran with hundreds of millions of dollars. ) Lied to the tax payers. We have a furniture factory here that makes chairs and cabinets and tables etc for the corporate guys in Olympia, the prisons and other contracts. They pay guys here anywhere from .55 to $1.60. They then mark the furniture up to anywhere from $400 to $1000. There are companies who could beat the hell out of their bottom line, but thats not in their best interest. One guy washes the next money. Here’s how they do it. Every institution has a budget, so let’s say The University Of Washington. They buy this overpriced furniture knowing its way to expensive, but why? Who’s getting kickbacks? Why do you always hear that we need more money for prisons when the prisons sold their spots to C.I. and they’re making billions? why does the prisons let your families buy quarterly packages thru C.I. and allow them to sell a name brand TV that’s cost $50 at Walmart for $200, why do they get to sell a $19 pair of Nike’s to your family for $68, why do they offer food packages and offer unhealthy foods and sweets? Why did Stafford Creek have a food manager name Joe Williamson who would save the prison hundreds of thousands of dollars more monthly then C.I. moves in and mandates you spend ex amounts of dollars and throw the rest of the food away even though there’s homeless people out there. It’s not about none of that, its about money. They stay on the news calling us violent offenders. There is no denying that, but its by design. They make the tax payer scared, you want us locked up forever and they win. They get to run a sweat shop, similar to the ones in China. But here’s how the tax payer is really going to lose. If you don’t get involved, C.I. will start taking jobs right out of your communities and bring them to the prisons. They will argue (why pay your workers $15 to $25 an hour when you could move the jobs to prison and pay them .55 to $1.60) This is what’s happening behind the scenes. The Seattle Times did an article awhile back and after the article Dan Pacholce sent out emails to all prison officials urging them to write the Seattle Times and let them know how good C.I. is. Why would he do that? Who’s greasin his pockets to do that? So C.I. pretends to be in the red, but they claim that they offer inmates jobs that makes us less likely to reoffend, but these jobs have always been around. A person is less likely to reoffend if he strives to change his conditions. A job in C.I. does not guarantee that I won’t never murder again, but the classes I take such as redemption, violence prevention, mentoring and communication, and groups like the Inside/out fundraiser group can. Tax payers! You have a duty. Demand your governor to quit doing business with C.I. Oregon already did. Tomorrow if I’m not put in the hole I will expose jpay. peace and love. ROBB. And just know, your governor already knows, so who’s greasin his pockets? It’s your tax money they’re playing with making it disappear into some else’s pocket the same way the gave $68 million unrefundable dollars to a private prison in Michigan that we aren’t even going to use. That’s your money. WAKE UP WASHINGTON!!!

Robert Hampton
DOC #708710

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  1. Wow, such powerful statements and so much insight to the flaws in prison industries. I am from Australia and we have the same issue, especially in the privately run prisons who don’t have the same regulation as publicly run prisons.


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