Anthony Waller

What is life and true success?

Many people go through life aimlessly not knowing the true importance of it or what it’s all about. In today’s society people are so fascinated by materialistic things, being famous, and being rich, so-much-so that they think that this is what life is all about.

What makes it worse is that this is the criteria that people are judged by on whether or not they are truly successful. So someone who has a nice big house, expensive cars, lots of jewelry, who has good looks, and other things are considered successful and important, while the one who doesn’t have any of these things is a failure and not important.

Due to this most people spend their entire lives competing with other people wanting to be like them and wanting to have what they have. People are so blinded by this that they end up living life caring about how they are perceived by other people and they don’t live their lives for themselves.

What’s really sad about it as well is people who go through all types of surgeries or put on a whole bunch of make-up to beautify their appearances because they have been programmed to think that without these things they are hidious and ugly, which isn’t true.

So the real question is.. what is life and true success? And the answer to this is simple..

Life is all about being proud and content with how we were created, and being content with the things we have, whether its a lot or little. Every single person was created differently than the next which automatically makes us unique in our own way.

True success in life is owning our lives and living it for ourselves without wanting to be like anybody else or caring about what other people think. To be the best person we can living by good morals and manners and helping others. Then hopefully towards the end of our lives when we look back on them we will be happy and not have any regrets. This is what life and true success is all about.

Anthony Waller
DOC #789122

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