Dickie Oppen Jr.


The convict code is often spoken of but until now has never
Been seen. The myth surrounding the convict code, as being
a secret set of regulations that every prisoner must adhere to,
is a fallacy.

Our code is merely one of life. You need not be a prisoner t
live by it. Chances are, you have probably been living by
portions of “the code” for years.

The prison system can be brutal, and within these walls,
Darwin’s Law is the rule. Survival of the fittest is truly what
it is all about. Everyone is out to get everybody else being
fit both mentally and physically is a must even at the most
primitive level. If your senses are not keen and highly tuned
you can quickly find yourself being dominated by someone
who is a true scholar of Darwin’s teachings.


1. Mind your own business—do not worry about what anyone
else is doing.
2. Do not be a snitch–rats are vermin and are despised in
every culture.
3. Do not ask a lot of questions–ignorance is bliss in most
cases, and curiosity always kills the cat.
4. Never betray your friends and do not burn your bridges.
Build new bridges and get over your problems.
5. Keep your word–if you say you will do something,do it!!
No excuses.
6. Be your own man\woman–do not let others control you.t
7. Handle your own busiess–do not involve other people
in your problems; man up and deal with it yourself.
8. Watch your friend’s back–do not let anyone “attack” your
friend. Be aware of your environment at all times.
9. Give repect to get respect–act like a bully, get treated
like a bully.
10. Never rubber neck other cells–do not look into other
people’s cells or jump into thier conversation.
( see code #1).
11. Never sreal from another convict–prison thieves are
just as low as snitches.
12. Be “straight up” in all business dealings–do not engage
in shady practtices (see code #5).
13. Ride yourr own beef–if you get into trouble do not
Pull others down with you.
14. Go with the flow–if everone else is on a food strike,
do not be the only one eating in the chow hall.
15. Do not sweat the small stuff–if a friend borrows a pen
and it runs out of ink, do not blame your friend, just
buy a new pen. (just be grateful)
16. Stay alert–keep your eyes & ears open at all times.
17. Do not let others belittle you–never let someone call
you a derogatory or demeaning name.
18. Do not belittle others–never call anyone something
you would not want to be called.
19. Do your own time–don’t worry about everyone else
(see code #1)
20. Do not take everthing so serious–know when to
lighten up and chill.
21. Stay out of tbe ruumor mill–never repeat a rumor as
fact. If you cannot bring proof do not repeat it.
22. Never believe 100% of what you hear–this is prison,
someone is always trying to stir things up.
23. Help school those new to the system–do not just
stand by and let someone new to the system get
caught up.
24. Do not talk about other people–if you cannot keep
Quiet about what others have done, what else can’t
you keep quiet about!?! (see code#1 #2, #21, & #22).
25. Do not talk all the time–he who talks all the time has
nothing much to say. Learn to listen, and gather knowledge
to obtain wisdom.
26. Do not boast. Do not let your mouth make promises
your ass can’t keep.
27. If you borrow it and break it, you buy it, Man up and
offer to buy a new one. Don’t lie…
28. Live life to the “H.I.L.T.”–Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty,
29. Knowledge is power–keep your business to yourself.
Do not let everyone know what you are doing.
30. Never stop learning–you’ve got time; learn as much
as you can while you have the time. It will surprise
you where that knowledge will take you someday.
31. Last but not least–make amends with who you can,
Life is to short to hold a grudge. As the saying goes
( walk your own number)–this is your identification

* 1 Prison sentence
*1 Convict
*1 Code
Must serve at least 10 to 20 (years)

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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