Derik Maples

There can only be one me

My name is Derik maples, i am 29 years old and currently incarcerated at stafford creek corrections center, in aberdeen, Wa.
I am currently appealing my case ( meaning im maintaining my innocence ) i was arrested for a 2009 shooting that took place in vancouver, washington over a drug deal that went bad…..
Even though evidence shows i was not the shooter i was given 38 years as if i was……..
So you can only imagine how that can turn a persons life ups Forced me to put things into a new perspective, once i realized that these people were serious about the sentence in which they handed down i had a decision to make, either this time is going to make me or its gonna break me. so im here to let you know im still standing tall !
That was almost seven years ago….

I gravitated to Stone City Blog because i realize it is a platform to display inmates talents, thoughts and ideas. so i figured i should take advantageOf the oppertunity at hand, Sinse i always have took a liking to writing.
When i was out i was pursuing a career in the music industry, i performed at several venues threw out my home town of portland, Or
So as a natural song writer, i figured i could easily transition to being a great blogger or even auther…

After years of acrobatically dancing around obsticals and opposition, i feel that i have the experience neccessary to make a distinctive
difference in peoples lives. Because the way i see it is success is not a chance its a choice ! At some point i got tired of running into the wall like a crash test dummy, and realized that you have to try new things to get new results….

I mean really what do i look like sitting around stagnated well the world is forever evolving, really just stop what your doing and look around real quick , what you see is some one elses thoughts someone else that had The drive and dedication to manifest and bring their dreams to life !
Wether its your house , your car, your shoes, clothes whatever, somebody at some point had the courage to document their thoughts and ideas and eventually brought them to life. So why cant i ?
Thats a question i often toss around, because i know i am more than capable, but like many others in life i find my self often settling for less, Which absolutly makes no sense !

So i have made it a point to become fully dedicated to understanding who it is that i am and what it is exactly that i have to offer the world.
Because i refuse to be a loser, or fall victem to a biased opinion.

So if my writtings can help someone else in the process of me trying to capitolize on my potental then so be it, i’ll feel accomplished because i making a beautiful difference from an ugly situation……

If you would like to know me on a more personal note or have questions feel free to contact me through my doc#885051
Please leave all judgements aside…..

” some times we need some one to show us what we cant see for our Sleves and it can change our life for the better FOREVER !! ”

At this point all i have is a pencil and a dream……..

Derik Maples
DOC #885051

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