The Invitation To A Never Ending Bond

Hello world, my name is wendell adams jr. but better known to my peers as knowledge. I come to Inmate Blogger to formally introduce myself to the universe, as an up and coming book writer.

What im looking to bring to my viewers and readers is consistency, dedication, and great reads that you can vibe with, feel from the heart, and also get you through your day to day lifestyles.

Being incarcerated we get looked down upon, but through my blogs and books i will show the world that some of the most sharp-minded, creative individuals all over the world reside right here in a prison cell.

My blogs and books will be on a variety of topics ranging from urban lit, yoga, self help, relationships, love, and day to day activities that goes on in our life that we lead.

Not only do i want my viewers to enjoy my reads, but i also want to see you prosper from what im speaking on day to day. I would love to hear your feedback, so that i can understand more of what my viewers want and also i would like to evolve and grow with the world from right here for the time being.

In closing, thank you world for greeting my formal introduction, i assure you there is more to follow, have a wonderful day and enjoy your blessings.. Until next time…… love life and enjoy laughter. Peace.

If you would like to contact me directly you can do so by doc#881658 or you can write to me at 191 constantine way, aberdeen, wa 98520.

Steven & Suzie Jennings, i want to thank you for being able to get my voice heard to the world, i send my blessings to you and your family.

fb info is wendell (richboy) adams

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge

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