Why should education matter to prisoners?

Well, not only is it a positive outlet that allows a guy some meaning and purpose to all of this, but it is the holy grail for reducing recidivism.

Why should the public care if inmates get a college degree? Aren’t they in prison to be punnished? The answer to that is I believe that being in prison is my punnishment, but not a place of constant eternal hell fire, or continued restriction, repression and perpetual failure. How are men to become reformed if there aren’t any positve outlets or paths for success.

I recently wrote to PSF (prison scholarship fund) to try and get my education under way. The only thing standing in my way of a degree is the financial situation.

I choose not to sit idley on my hands and wait for the calendar pages to turn, but to be proactive and take control of my future.

Earning freedom,

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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