Dickie Oppen Jr.



Being able to talk with like minded people who have
simular issues makes it easier to address. As you go
through this proposal you will get a sense of what kind
of materials that will be in the work book that I am createing.

Sharing our testimonials and thoughts will help drive
a sense of support in a learning environment while
fostering positive change.


The Washington State Department of Corrections ( DOC ) has a transition
policy which requires classification counselors or
facility community corrections staff to work with offenders
during the last 12-month period leading up to their release.

This does not always happen and way to often a prisoner who
has a disability is often left behind until the last date
That ( Washington DOC ) can hold the prisoner.

And then he or she the disabled prisoner is given a bus
ticket and forty dollars spending money and is returned
to the streets of the County he or she came from.

Often shifting the responsibility to the County leaving
the disabled prisoner to re-offend just to survive.

We need to break this cycle and help each other to give
each other the best chance of succeeding.

The goal in helping a disabled prisoner find the resources
that are needed we first must change their beliefs
their attitudes, habits and expectations.



At S*HIP, It is with my “belief” in your given potential.
So, if we’re born with such grand potential, what gets
in the way of our potential? Why don’t people actually
achieve all they’re capable of achieving?

There are four barriers to achieving your potential:
Beleifs, Attitudes, Habits, and Expectations.


Our attitudes are the gears that drives our day and,
if you don’t keep them positive they can put you
in the ditch.

I was once told that the first twenty five words that
we say each morning before you start your day,
will set the tone for your whole day.

So I out of “HABIT” try to use positive affirmations
and an act of kindness before I start it.


By the time we are five years old most of us can say
“please” and “thank you” as an automatic response or what
we call the subconscious habit.

We clean our rooms, we build our habits, but sometimes
those habits are not good habits, say hygine, or drugs,
or shopping with no money, or even lying.

Think about it, Sometimes we tell ourselves that we’re
forgetful, that we’re no good at names, that we’re no
good at numbers, or that we always do something or never
do something.

All this does is reinforce subconscious habits that get
in the way of what we’re really capable of.

In S*HIP I want to teach others how to deal with our habits
by changing our “expectations.”


Our exectations are powerful as we begin to choose
to change and grow. We need the validation of others
that we are doing the right thing.

We constantly have people around us who place
expectations on us. But, how often do we place expectations
on ourselves?

The secret in leadership today is not always
expecting everything of the people you lead, but helping
them expect things of themselves.

Otherwise, what you see are imposed visions or imposed
expectations versus people’s own exectations or people’s
own visions of what they’er capable of being today and
doing. Next to life itself, the power to choose is your
greatest gift.

In everyone’s life, at some point of time, our inner-fire
goes out and we forget those expectations. It is then
burst into flames by an encounter with another human
being who reminds us we should be thankful for those
people who rekindle the inner spirit.

We must become The change we seek in the world and find our expectations.

EXERCISE: “Changing Your Self-Limiting Behaviors”

Let me quickly review the four barriers to our potential.
I said there were beliefs, attitudes, habits and expectations.

Here’s a challenging exercise. Put these words on four
separate pieces of paper. And, for a period of two weeks
start to question the many things you do or say.
Keep this to yourself, its like a personal journal of your

Thanks for following my bloggs, if you would like to comment
or have questions please contact me.

Be kind to one another until next time
In Christ your fellow blogger.

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545


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