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blessing in disguise

Uncertain what lies around the next corner, I feel my way through this dark room that we know as the prison system. Uprooted and disoriented, there isn’t any chance of growing comfortble or complacent. One one can liken the recent turn of events in my life to being […]

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There are always guys in here who want to borrow or bum something (a cup of coffee, an instant soup, etc.). And you can spot the addicts and others who can’t manage their finances and habits from a mile away. I’ve learned that you have to tell these […]

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Everybody claims to “find God” in prison. For me, it was the opposite. I was a religious child and came to prison at 18 still believing in Jesus Christ and the central tenets of the Bible. A dedication critical thought, reason, and education changed my mind and my […]

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