Randy Brennan


When I reflect upon the paths I have walked, the previous unknowns around every corner, and the hurdles and obstacles I’ve had to overcome, I’m able to measure the constant progression I’ve made towards earning back my freedom.

Difficult moments are what define you as a person. We all have them, but not everyone is able to gracefully manage difficulty and push past it toward the ultimate goal. The road to achieving your goals is not free of roadblocks, but a winner will always find a way.

After a painful loss in this years playoffs, the Seahawks may not be what comes to mind when you think of the word winner. But take this quote from Russel Wilson (Seattles QB) after losing a game.

“Winning is what it’s all about . We all come here to win…but when it doesn’t work out, how can you use that? How can you use that for encouragement for others? How can you use that for yourself? How can you continue to build and endure and progress? It’s been a constant progression, this journey.”

Becoming a winner isn’t something that just happens to those whom God favors, on the contrary, it is the product of innate durability, the ability to withstand brutal hits while remaining in the arena, on the field, and in the game.

I am blessed to have made so much positive change and progress up ’til now, but I am barely at the crest of this mountain I’m climbing, and I’m far from out of the woods.

As I navigate the descent, which is still full of unknowns, obstacles and hurdles are sure to lie in my path, but with the character of a winner, I can, I will, I must overcome them. Earning freedom is the goal, but winning in every aspect of the game is what will ensure that I fulfill it.

Building, evolving, and progressing daily toward success.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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