Daniel Turner


I was a Christian as a kid, and even into my teen years and first couple years in prison. Now I like to say that atheism is one of the things that saved me (that is, enabled me to transform my life; to be born again, to put it in those terms). The reason is this: I think that once you can learn to think critically about God (especially the god you grew up with), you can think critically about everthing else. I am a critical thinker first, and my atheism grew out of that. And here’s why this is so important to prisoners: thinking critically about oneself and one’s actions and decisions is the most important platform for change. It’s necessary. It’s tough, it hurts, but you have to do it. And the rewards make up for the struggle and then some.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. I think everyone needs to grow out of the religion they grew up with! But not necessarily to conclude that that understanding of God is all there is to God. Out of my discomfort and questioning of the things I was taught about God grew an increasing curiosity and desire to find the real one, who had on occasions made his presence known to me (and still does) . Without listening to my doubts and taking them seriously, I would never have pushed on through to genuine faith. So I’d encourage everyone to question what they’ve been taught (whether faith in God or in atheism) but not to dismiss those inklings or odd experiences of something or someone that can’t be explained away in rational terms.


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