Randy Brennan

blessing in disguise

Uncertain what lies around the next corner, I feel my way through this dark room that we know as the prison system.

Uprooted and disoriented, there isn’t any chance of growing comfortble or complacent. One one can liken the recent turn of events in my life to being in the armed forces–like special forces, where they get called into action, not knowing where they are going or why, just that it has to be done.

I was comfortable at S.C.C.C. For the last seven years. Making long academic strides, and honing valuable communications skills, I gained priceless work experience with correctional industries’ furniture factory.

I learned to operate half a million dollar CNC machines, up to date 3D drafting software, and lean manufacturing.

Not in trouble, yet sitting in the hole waiting to be transfered, I was told that confidential information given to staff alerted them that I was in danger and had some enemies at my last facility.

Perhaps it was all a blessing in disguise. Maybe it’s better to be uprooted and torn from positive programming, rather than risk an altercation that could have led to a new charge, or at the very least, ruined all of my hard work and diligence to stear clear of trouble.

Waiting for my piece to be moved on the chess board, I adopted a spartan lifestyle; strict diet and exercize, which became easy in isolation, helped me stay focused. I devoured books, making my mind the muscle I strengthened the most.

Having spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the playoffs under these strict living conditions, I made my new years resolution to carry some of these new habits over to the new facility that I have just arrived at:

Randy Brennan 875668
P.O Box 888
Monroe, Wa 98272

I’m also cutting out most of T.V. Shows and filling the time with studies.

I will persevere, making the most of every opportunity, putting one foot in front of the other, earning back my freedom…one day at a time.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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