Jarvais Warren

what I learned in 2wenty min.

Yes last year did seem like only twenty minutes, but i still mananged to fit two days into each. I mean I only have 20 min before the jpay kicks me off. So this is what I learned in no order in 2015. now in 16 mins.

– The importance of God in ones life, for obvious reasons ofcourse.

-Always stay positive negative emotions are useless and they are like holding a hot coal in your hand. Plus the other person is probally smiling.

– Never doubt your abilities, never talk bad about your day or your failed plans. They are lessons not mistakes. Never doubt anything involving you. DONT LET ANYTHING ABOUT ONES SELF LEAVE YOUR MOUTH IN A NEGATIVE MATTER.

– Being greatful and happy about something that you haven’t received yet, because you know its on the way is TRUE FAITH.

-Keep your mind clear and on the moment at hand. Not things to come or things in the past. Keep present in this moment of NOW. There is pure joy in the present moment.

-Make everything you do in life FOR THE FUN OF IT. I tie my shoes for the fun of it. I take the pebble out of my shoe for the fun of it.

-Plans with NO ACTIONS are dreams

-Keep an openmind, a REALLY openmind

-dont judge others, its not our place to, and its waisted energy. To each his own, we are all right were we need to be in this moment.

-Love everything like you love yourself

-Find the infinite love that is you

-Dont compete, create. To compete means you need to be better than someone else are take from them so you have something and they dont. Create. Create wealth, happiness and so on yo! Create and have no doubt in your mind that you are possible of this.

-Keep driving, pushing, stay motivated. Take breaks, have fun, keep your positive creation in your head and have no doubt that its on its way.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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