Steve Anderson



Nobody really understood the connection that he felt for her
saw was a black girl who had been lost to the game, ( the down and dirty street life ) but in her, bonolito saw so much more, and his heart and
soul was dancing with hers every time they were together, and apart
she stayed on his mentil.

He know that the girl he loved was still somewhere inside of her, and
he was not willing to just give up, as so many do on the daily on all
four conners of the earth.

All he had to do was love her through her pain and help her get back to the beautiful lady she will be once again the determination ran through his blood that gave him strength, faith, patience, focusness that brought
winning to be a success story for others to get a strength from also.

pams body went through hell and back. Bonolito saw things come out
of her that no man ever want to see, but he never turned his back on
her. There were even days when she degraded her self. She had become to be use to being used and abused on drugs.

She had no clue how her words tore into my heart all the way out my
chest. All she know was she wanted her fixs.

Bonolito attribited everything to the heroin and took it all in, absorbing the pain every day in order to help her get better.

Bonolito did not care for many people but for pam he would go to the
end of the world and back, she had captured his heart and loyalty

He know she would never be the perfect girl. She was a jaded,
too scarred to revert back completely, but as long as she was able to
gey clean, she would be, perfect for him.

Thats all that he could ask of her, and he was doing all in his power to ensure that she made it through.
The End.

1, To give understanding… 2, And recieve understanding…

So to me giving up on another is giving up on the blessing God gave
you, and when that takes place you’re truely only giving up on yourself
cause you couldn’t develop the creation of giving UNDERSTANDING!….

Take care ,,,,,,,,

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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