Anthony E. Herod


The year 1987 I was thirteen, when i got my frist gun.
Crack Cocain strated surging through our neighborhood
like the plague.

There was so many people getting high, it was crazy!
Thats when the gang wars started.

The first gang to penetrate our projects was the LA Bloods.
Two of their members went by Skinny and Black.

They brought a ton of cocain up from LA, and they
needed a place to push all that dope. They just so,
happen to find the Yesler Terrace project.

Alot of people did’nt like the fact that these LA
Boy’z were trying to take over our neighborhood,
but at the same time they had alot of cheep dope.

No one eles could beat thir price. So they let
them do their thing, until a girl name name Cookie
got on the phone and called her cusin who is
a big time Crip from Compton Ca, whos name
is TB.

TB is a Crip from Eastside Santana Block Gangster Crip
Comming staite out of Compton. He’s a Bad Mother Fuck’a
you really don’t want to fuck with!

Now Skinny and Black won over all the kids from
the neighborhood by giving out hand full’s of dope
to get you started. They knew you had to come see
them if you wanted to re’up. They had the hood
Sold up.

Yep thats who i got my first dope sack from,
The Bloods. Little did eveybody know there
days were numberd….

It was about ten o’clook on a friday, when all you heard
was Boom Boom Boom! Pop Pop Pop! Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat!
It was a shoot out right in the midle of the street.

TB and his boy’s blasted Skinny and Black’s Ass.
They ran them niggas right up out of the hood.

The next day everybody showed up at the gym to
talk about what was going on. The word was Skinny and
Black was in hinding. The Crips was to strong of a force
to be recond with.

TB and his crew, strait killers!
They came about ten strong, and they all
had guns.

The next night the crips came back, all ten of
them. They stood by the gym, they had there blue
bandanas on their heads and hagging from the back
left pocket of there pants. They look like they ment

At the age of thirteen i was’nt scared of no one, so i
rode my bike over to TB and said you niggas chased
off Skinny and Black? He was like yeah why? With a mean
ass look on his face.

I said those niggas is ho’s! They let you niggas run them
off. TB stop “Crazy Cuz” from beating me up for what
I just said. Crazy Cuz is one of TB home boy’z.

TB looked at me and strated laughing, then he
said i like you lil nigga! Whats your name? I said
Andy! He said i’ma call you Snow Man! I was like Snow Man?
He was like you’re a half white nigga, so i’m calling you
Snow Man.

He handed me a bottle that was in a paper bag, and said
here sipp this. I took a big ass drink, and started coughing,
and choking! And i had a fucked up look on my face.

TB and his boy’z was laughing at me hard. I was like
Fuck You niggas! And rode off on my bike.
TB was yelling come back little cuz! We was just playing!
I just kept riding sceaming “Fuck You Niggas!”

The very next day i was back at the gym waiting to see
if TB and his crew was comming back. I like those
dudes. And yep they came back. When they walked over
to the gym they had a duffel bag full of guns! They open
the bag and strarted handing out guns to everybody
in there crew. I was like let me get one of those?
One of them said naw little nigga you not from our

They had all kinds of guns. When i seen a big ass shot gun,
I was like i want one of those right there my nigg!
They had a uzi, big ass hand guns, and some shot guns.

TB said yall get ready becaues those slob niggas is
supose to be comming back to put in work. (When he
said slob he was talking about Black and Skinny. Slobs
is what crips call bloods.

TB barked, everybody get in postion! TB told me to
put my bike behind the dumpster, and hide behind one
of those cars. He was loading up his gun, and i knew he
ment business.

I got behind the first car i could find. “HERE THEY COME!”
Some yelled. I watched this car comming down the block
real slow, with the head lights out.

All the crips niggas were hinding behind cars, and this
brick wall at the front of the gym.
As soon as the car got close, i see one of the bloods
pop out of the back seat passenger side window,
with a shot gun. He said “FUCK YOU CRABS!”
and strated blasting! All the crips strated popping up
from all over, and blasting those fools!

It sounded like a real war was going on. My heart was
beating so fast i felt sick. I’m not going to say what
happen next.

(I don’t want to get anyone caught up
for some old ass shit. But i can say, “it was a bad,”
for those blood niggas.)

I strarted hagging out with TB cusin whos
name is “Diamond”. Diamond took me under his
wing. He taught me how to drive a car, and he showed
me how to shoot a gun.

I did’nt have nice cloths growing up in the project
at the time. So Diamond took me shopping
for cloths, and shoes. I look just like a true crip.
All blued out! All i needed now, was to get jumped in,
and i’ll be a full fleg crip.

The day was comming for me to get my beat down, and
to be jumped in to the gang. It happen on a hot ass day.
I’ll never forget it! Diamond came by my house and said
I got something for ya lil cuz. Come to the
car and get it. (I was thinking) what’s this dude got?
We hot to the car and he pop the trunk, and said look
in here! I looked in the trunk and there was a shinny
six shot 38′ Smith & Western.

I was like “thats mine?!” He said, “hell yeah!” But he colse
the trunk and said walk with me over to the
park so i can talk to you about it. So we walk to
the park. I see TB and all the homies at the
park. Diamond said to me are you ready?
I really did’nt know what he was talking about,
until he punched me in the mounth, and Crazy Cuz
picked me up from behind and slamed me on the ground.
I got up mounth bleeding, act like i was going to punch
Diamond in his face, he ducked and i kick him
dead in his dick! Drop him! Crazy Cuz grab me and
slamed me on the ground again, heald me down and
everyone got there licks in.

I only weighed like 95 pounds. I took the beat down
like a man. But i was only 13 years old.
“I was all fucked up!” But right after it happen TB
pulled me off the ground and gave me a big hug
and said you from “Santana Block Crip gang Now”
Handed me a bottle of E&J wisky and said drink up
Snow Man. Diamond went to the car and got the
shinny 38′ Smith & Western and “this is yours cuz!”


Anthony Herod
DOC #703840


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