Todd Bass


I take your hand, with so much love
And lead you out onto the floor

There is no band, no music playing
But we dance to the beat of our love.

Sometimes I have to pretend nobody is watching
Other times the rest of the room dissapears.

We dance and laugh, spin and twirl
You teach me how to be a man

You are the best moma bear to your baby cub
One day I will teach the things that you have taught.

When nobodies dancing I know what to do
Be bold and brave like you showed me to.

My love will never sit on the sideline for fear
I will always dance with you Moma Bear.

When the day comes and the music in you heart stops,
I will always remember to dance when nobody else is.

Thank you Moma Bear.
I love you more than a single butterfly,
Your Baby Bear

Todd Bass
DOC #861671

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