Ramone Echols


I’ve been tripping the last few days about the whole situation with Laquan Mcdonald. I heard about it last year when it first happened , but it was sweep under the rug so fast that I thought I was triping and it really didn’t happen. Then it popped back up , and now the video has been released. First of all , I totally agree with my city that the mayor , district attorney , and superintendant of police , all need to be removed from their positions because they all knew what the business was with that situation and they hid it for as long as they could. Now , I can’t just put all that I have to say on them because it came out that his parents took a five million dollar settlement in April of this year , and I’m sure it just now came out because there was probably a confidentiality clause that came with that price tag on their babies life. I’m disgusted with his family because they basically sold his soul to the powers that be without any hesitation. Their from Chicago , so they know if them people came with that kind of deal before they even obtained a lawyer to sue the city and cpd , something wasn’t right , period !!! I appauld the citizens of my city for how they’re handling that whole thing cause we already get a bad rap with that ” CHI-RAQ ” lable. Then you got Spike Lee’s ole boot licking @$$ coming out with the movie Chi-Raq , and this is not the time for his BULLSH!T @$$ non-sense. Is he going to donate the money earned to the families of all the kids that’s been killed since he started filming the movie ? Better yet , what about Tyshawn Lee ? He’s the nine year old that was gunned down a few weeks ago on some get back type sh!t. How Spike Lee feel about that ? How is he going to help the family of that casualty of ” Chi-Raq ” ? That was some inhumane sh!t there , and even when I had the stomach for that life that would’ve been too much for me. Now , with that being said I’ll leave y’all with this: Everybody in the world outside o the city of Chicago is always talking about how Obama is the president , but can’t even get his city right. It’s sad to say , but anybody that know history and politics know that for the last 100 plus years our city just like our country was built on blood and corruption. There’s really no way to fix the city because the politicians are cool with what the gangs do cause they’re making money off of them , and it’s been broken for so long that it can’t be fixed. The only and last truely honest politician Chicago , maybe the world has had is Harold Washington , and some people believe the powers that be killed him cause he didn’t fit their scheme. The people that criticize need make some kind of effort to do more than just run their mouths. CHI-TOWN STAND UP !!!!!!!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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