Jonathan Gordon


People come up to me all the time & ask me to contribute to my site, & they say: “I want to write, but I don’t know what to write about.”

I say: “First off, give a little introduction about yourself, letting people know who you are.”

When people ask me what to write about themselves, all I can say is: “I can’t answer that for you, I don’t know what thoughts go on in your head, I don’t know what you are comfortable sharing, & I don’t know your background story, if anything start from beginning…childhood.”

I found that a lot of people aren’t comfortable talking about the things they experienced as children. That is understandable, but at the same time, it can be a healing for you & an inspiration for others who may have been through similar things & need an outlet, & someone that they can relate to.

Also, I encourage people to talk about, the things they experience in here ona daily basis, what they have accomplished, what they aspire to do when they get out, religion, culture, history of their heritage, the topics are unlimited.

It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how well you say it, some people have the ability to make the most mundane things sound interesting. What makes a write successful, is the ability to connect with their audience & provoke a sense of raw emotion & feeling. When you learn how to take command of the audience, you can have them listen to you, no matter what you say, good, bad, whether they agree with it, or vehemently disagree with it.

It’s all about presentation & delivery.

Personally, I found when you struggle too hard to appeal to people, when you think too hard, & try to be too creative & use too many big words, then you are loosing the naturalness & smooth flow. That is when you get writer’s block. I tell people, write the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t worry about style, order, creativity & all that extras until later, that’s why you make multiple drafts…Later after you say what you want, then you go back & touch it up, add the fancy touch & put things in the right order….if you get stuck, come back later & write some more..peice meal it…

When people read something they want to “FEEL”, the thing is as a write, you have to telll them what to “FEEL” & how to “FEEL” it.

As a writer, the honesty comes from being in touch with your thoughts, feeling, emotions & those of other people.

When you have a platform, that you created, or that someone who has created asks you to join, the groundwork is already set, people already have expectations & the bar has already been set. Yet the bar is always asking to be raised, & the platform is always begging to elvolve.

Inspire yourself by being connected with your enviorment & the world. Get yourself in a comfortable mood, whatever gets you going or relaxes you, whether it be coffee, music, whatever get in that groove, stare at that paper & let your hand get to moving.

People never stop thinking, even when we are asleep, the brains are thinking & active, meanin that the flows of thoughts never stops, there is always something to talk about…Just tap into it, it’s a learning process.

There is an emotion, or a feeling, that you feel or have felt, that other people haven’t, it’s just up to you to put your own individuality & unique taste to it.

I have no professional training in writing, I haven’t taken any classes, or anything like that, yet I have learned how to write….how do I do it? By reading a lot of different things on a lot of different topics, & by choosing to create my own style. I am a firm beleiver in individuality & bucking the system of norms that most everyone feels obligated to follow.

I am a not an author, just a young man who loves to write.

People ask me what kinds of things that I write that is drawing people’s attention, & how do I do it?

I reply that I just write honest things from the heart, how I think, how I feel, & how I can express it in a way that others can relate, & understand the point that I am getting at.

I am not worried about who likes what I say, or how good of a job I did, I feel as long as I am satisfied with what I am doing, that is what matters, and someone, somewhere along the way will like it.

People ask me, what is my motivation?

I reply that, I am motivated by doing a service to God first & foremost. I am motivated to help my fellow brothers & sisters in humanity.

This NOT ABOUT JONATHAN GORDON, it’s about people, it’s about creating oppurtunity for us, & giving us a platform where we can be succesful.

This is about breaking barriers, coming together as one, & having people step outside their barriers to experience life from the perspective of people they normally wouldn’t care to associate with, or even want to for that matter.

I am humanizing a section of society, that is deemed as incorrigible monsters.

God has blessed me, & my associates with the skills to communicate, the backing of people on the streets to make this come together, & the oppurtunity to make it happen. This is a privilege, an oppurtunity to change the world, in the least bit a small way, hopefully on a larger scale though.

When people see what you can do, when they see that you have a viable idea, a workable plan & the motivation, hard work & dedication to make it happen, they are moved. They will believe in you & go out of their way to help you break your ideas & goals to fruition. The good people do it, not motivated by worldly material gains, but because they genuinely care & want to be a part of something that they believe is gonna be big & make things happen.

When you take the time to invest in yourself, then turn around & invest in others, it is noticed & greatly rewared, not only by God, but by others…it’s a beautiful thing, we inspire each other & motivate each other to step our game up & enrich the quality of life.

The pathways & avenues to sucess will open, it’s up to us to drive down them & maintain…while being humble.

Thank you, Stone City Blog!

Jonathan Gordon
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