Cyril D. Walrond


I saw something the other day that just broke my heart.

It was a young lady immodestly and seductively dressed and behaving provocatively all for what? To garner the attention of some chauvinistic boy.

Showing cleavage down to her belly button as she is in essence telling the world “LOOK AT ME, THIS IS ALL I AM WORTH!”

Sadly, she is deceiving herself as life is much more than clothes, make-up, material possessions, and the validation of those who opinions of her will never define her.

This has prompted me to write you.

All daughters, need fathers that they can judge all men against and because fathers have been failing, many of women, young and old love have been left hurting. Left endlessly trying to fill that void.

You have been looking for answers where no answers can be found.

You have been seeking to be fulfilled by another while you are discontent within yourself.

Baby girl, no man can define and no man can validate you.

I turn on the t.v. or open up just about any magazine and see how this hypersexualized culture is stripping you of your worth as women.

You are mighty women, strong women, courageous and bold women.

You are women of integrity and intellect.

You are much more than tools for male satisfaction. You are more than objects of lust.

In fact, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the hands of God. Who crafted and created you with a purpose that reaches far beyond the bedroom or the backseat of a vehicle.

How sad it is to see the majority of young ladies fascinated with the sex crazed depictions of women. To me this is the broken idolizing the broken.

Young, broken and impressionable women desiring to seek the acceptance and approval of their male counterparts by becoming objects of lust for the objectification of those same males. These women see the Hollywood Starlets all dressed up and decked out but don’t see the brokenness, the emptiness of these women many of whom gave the most sacred parts of themselves away for nothing.

Your body is not an asset for you to leverage with as you hope to cash in on success. Matter of fact success centered around the exploitation of ones body is no success at all, it superficial vanity slavery.

My dear daughers this thinking is completely and utterly wrong.

Your body is a temple, a sacred temple. One that you should never just allow anyone to enter into. One that you should never let another cheapen by quantifying its worth. And the beauty of your temple is not based on exterior finishes but interior substance.

I know this is completely contrary to the hedonistic culture. A culture that tells us sexual liberation, is well, liberating. While denying the fact that it is spiritual deprivating and physically degrading.

As I look at society I see that the more externally focused we are the more internally deprived that we are.

So what do we do? We look for external “amusements” to satisfy our internal emptiness. While these “amusements” distract us from getting to the root of the problem.

The root problem is the lack of love.

I don’t mean that nominal stuff that men say just to get in the pants.

No, I mean the divine sacrificial love that Christ demonstrated.

True love always has its roots in God. For God is love. God is the source and at the center of all true love.

I know this because love changed me. I once was one of those guys that I want to warn you of. I was one of those guys mainly because I was empty, I was hurting. Because I never knew love. But love changed me.

True love is desired by all but is truly experienced by only a few.

In ones search for true love one may get trapped by the deceptive physical allure of sex and lust or they may be crippled by feelings of inadequacy lead to self-sabotage.

But let me tell you your body is a holy temple so don’t EVER give what is holy to DOGS.

I know that you may have been hurt in the past only to be left broken hearted. And now you may even be afraid of opening yourself up to love again but I want you to know that there is no fear in love, instead perfect casts out all fears.

For the failed relationships of the past ask what was the foundational basis of it. Was the relationship built on lust, lies, and luxury? What about sex, sensationalism, seduction, or scandal? What about ego, emotions, or endearment?

Since God is love, any relationship built on another foundation is not being built to last, and is not built on LOVE.

By removing LOVE from the equation you will never have the real thing only a shadow. As shadows are reflections of real objects intercepted by light but they are not themselves the real objects.

My lovely daughters, my beautiful daughters, don’t be in love with the idea of love but know that you were created by LOVE to love.

Remember that beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive but LOVE IS ETERNAL!

Love, Dad!


Cyril Walrond
DOC #309756

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