Jarvais Warren

Think Big…No! …..BIGGER!

Strive to be the BEST, the Elite. The Elite of the Elite.

Because if you fail you will only be great at it!

Make your goals BIG! Whatever your goal is today, strive to go past that goal or strive to be the elite-ness of that goal.

So look. Im a beader, I want to be a good beader.

NOPE! Not big enough! I want to be “THE” beader. I want people to seek me out for guidance on their beadwork. I want them to be amazed at my work and want to do it just like me, I want to come up with a new Idea and it so good everytime that everyone copies it! If I achieve this goal the being a good beader wont be an issue, I’ll be one of the Elite beaders.

And thats is what has happen. All of the above. I didnt realize how nerve racking it would be for Soooo many people to start asking how to do this and how to do that while im trying to finish a project. Lol and its kind of annoying that when I come up with something new they take it. I started making 3D pop-out pieces and now Im teaching people how to do them. But Im happy to help, plus it keeps guys outa trouble.

When trying to reach a goal, make sure you really want it lol.

Chase BIG dreams and the normal size dreams will chase after you.

Your saving up to by a car? NOPE! By a spaceship!

Thats a little over the top, but thats the right attitude. If a goal is hard, takes time, practice and personal growth then By Golly I think ya gots a winner.

And I now realize that me being Elite is not were the happiness comes from. Its teaching and helping. Thats where the pure joy comes from. Helping and teaching without expecting anything in return. Once I realized that I was “The” beader (They call me the BeadMaster lol) I didnt really care. It didnt make me happy. But showing a guy how to do something before he made the same mistake I did is a good feeling.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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