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Think Big…No! …..BIGGER!

Strive to be the BEST, the Elite. The Elite of the Elite. Because if you fail you will only be great at it! Make your goals BIG! Whatever your goal is today, strive to go past that goal or strive to be the elite-ness of that goal. So […]

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I know it’s difficult in here, since the tendency is always to group up, to find safety in numbers, etc. But individuality is the key to personal growth. The saying “Be your own man” is important because we ARE our own men. Human beings are individuals, not cogs […]

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The problem with pride in prison is that so many guys in here are proud for the wrong reasons. Racial pride is number one, or some other gang- or group-related pride. Or pride in their criminal life. Incessant bragging is always on display, despite that where you are […]

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