FAMILY (part 1)

Hello, how is it going? I hope that everbody is good & this message reaches you all in the best of spirit, heart, mind, body & soul.

Today I would like to talk about family.

I am blessed when it comes to family, for that I thank God the greatest. My family is full of wonderful people, who are full of love, kindness & generosity. There is nothing more important to me than them, besides God of course. My whole life, I have been a terrible family member, I have been selfish, rude, & a whole gamut of disrespectful things, yet my family, mom, dad, brother & sister are still in my corner, so is my girl, she is also family to me.

Being a muslim, family is important, the second most important after God Himself.
I know many people who are more blessed than I, & many who are less blessed, to me that is humbling. No matter how bad things can get between family, they are family.
I appreciate the visits, the letters, the money, the books, the access packages, the phone calls, the food packages, the maintaining my website & most importantly, the love & support.

I am also grateful for the people who I connect with through my web ventures, I am grateful that through the hustle & bustle of everyday life, people can take a few moments & pay attention to the words of me & my friends & associates, without their support, what I am doing would mean nothing. I hope that we can touch the lives of other people, enrich them & make a positive impact & inspire others to help each other out, make positive changes in the communities & spread love.

I appreciate everyone, I want you to know that I think of you all, very often & it is a release from this dungeon. When we write & connect with the outside world, it takes us away from here & we are free….
I know there is a lot of wonderful people out there in the world, with beautiful hearts, beautiful minds, beautiful spirits, & beautiful souls, thank you for blessing us with your presence & giving us an oppurtunity to connect with you, it is truly amazing & truly inspiring…..

A big thank you to Stone City Blog for giving me this platform to share my thoughts with the world.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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  1. I totally agree that family is three ultimate, besides your faith. I have two sons that were incarcerated. One for 8 yrs, one for 10 yrs. Though they were struggling with their own emotions on the inside We the family also struggled. Every day it was heartbreak knowing we wouldn’t see that beloved face or collect that heartfelt hug. It was very stressful for all of us. Least off all the one sibling left behind, little brother. That child alone suffered greatly. Now one of the two incarcerated has passed away at 32 yrs. The pain again hits as we have only had him back for approx 5 yrs. The pain is Real and this time there is no future reconciliation. Stay in contact. Thank you for your blog. I hope I didn’t go overboard.


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