James Chambers

Prison Reform

How come when ever there is talk about prison reform it turns into talk about race ? Im here to tell you it is not a race thing it is a poor person thing ! I know just my personal story is i received 39 year sentence for small amount of drugs , I was not drug king pin. the fact is prosecutors have to much power. Our states sentencing guidelines are crazy thats what needs to change. The public that pays the price needs to know the truth ! The fact is if your poor and cant afford counsel and to bail out , Your chance of going to prison is very good . Not only that but you will be receiving much longer sentence . And while your in prison you will be forced to take on debts . Court cost fines , cost of incarceration, , plus prison debts , medical ,postage debts. Along with many others but the crazy part is that all court cost , fines all are charged 12% interest compounded yearly !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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