James Chambers

Prisoners that throw their lives away after release !

I have had a few very good friend that get out of prison after serving 10 or more years in prison ! That get and do so good for few years ! but sadly it only last awhile and they end up thinking they can gamble and drink and stay drug free but it quickly over takes them ! I have had three of them die of overdoses ! leaving children and loved ones broken hearted It is hard for me to understand i have been in prison for 16 years and have learned so much about myself and I know I can never do those things because addictive behavior is always there ! It is just very hard for me to see men that have so much potiental just throw their lives away ! After taking so much from their families already , I know that it breaks my heart and I pray for their families with all my heart ! What I would do to have a chance to go home and be afather to my children and a grandfather to my grandchildren , a son to my mother and brother to my sisters ! Which we a take for granted ! It is just another sad story for another family god please bless all men and woman getting out of prison with wisdom ! to do what is right !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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