Daniel Turner


As a libertarian, I think free market reforms could improve the prison system, just like I think they could with education and virtually every other institution. But I want to focus on a more personal note: becoming a libertarian is one of the things that helped me transform my life in prison. The focus on individuality and self-reliance is important, since the problem with so many guys in here is that they gain false value from being part of a group. And also, being a libertarian taught me about the moral consistency that comes from basing your life on principles. There’s a reason why Jon Stewart never could “get” libertarian Ron Paul like he got other politicians for being hypocrites: libertarians are consistent. We follow certain principles (individual liberty being the main one), so we’re predictable. This kind of consistency, coupled with objective thinking, is one of the most important things missing from the average guy in prison.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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