Adolphus Redding


Well, i just passed the 12 year mark.
Roughly, 8 more years to go.

I’m alot wiser and a much better person for what i’ve had to come through.
I’ve taken a good look at myself and realized that i needed to make a change if i wanted to have anything resembling a real life.

I’m thankful that i put that work in and now i’m actually looking at the time i have left and wondering if its enough to complete the goals that i have.
Sounds crazy huh? You’d think all i would be obsessing about was getting out.
My spirit is at peace and my perspective has been shifted in such a way that i realize how much of an opportunity i have with the time i have left.

Hopefully, the work that i’m putting in will pay off in a way that will allow me to impact the community that i return to. I will find a way to do that regardless.
I’m just happy to be me again and live a life of integrity.
It was a long road.

Adolphus E. Redding
DOC #956796

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