Ramone Echols

How Many Chances ?

As I sit here listening to My life , I can’t help but think about how music , people , and places have helped shaped me into the person I am today . Like this My Life . This album has helped me get through 85% of this time , but it’s really Mary J Blige’s music period. Then there’s the people . My mother , my father ( rip ) , my granny , Shay , Shaton , Will ( my brother from a different father & mother) , Dee-Dee ( my first baby girl ) ,Lacrea Jenkins (rip) , Paul Loveless ( rip ) , Timil Howard ( rip ) , Christina Hartley ( rip ) , Rachael Hurt ( rip ) , and Dorian Glaspy ( rip ) , have all been influential in helping me become the person that I am today . Then there’s the others who will remain nameless , but they’ve helped shaped me as well . These are the people that always act like they care and they might really care , but their actions tell a different tale . These are the people that ask my momma when they see her , how am I doing ? But they don’t ask her how to touch bases with me or if I need anything . They ask Shay on Facebook about me , but they won’t shoot a # for me to call cause they’re scared that I might ask them for something ( lol ) . But truth be told , I might be in a better position to help them out ( LMAO )!!!!! They better ask somebody cause apparently they forgot , FOR REAL FOR REAL !!!!!!!!! Then there’s the one’s that tell me , ” I got you , you never ask me to do nothing . ” So I give them the info to Jpay so they can touch bases with me , shoot me a few flicks , and just shoot the sh!t , but they never check out Jpay , or maybe when they see that they have to spend a few dollars on some e-stamps the turn back . Whatever the case may be , they won’t pick up the phone after that . I don’t ask them to lie to me , but they do instead of keeping it 110 with me . I try to understand them , and I still give them chances to right their wrongs , but they don’t see what they do as wrong . So I ask this question : After giving them chance after chance after chance , would I be wrong if I didn’t give them anymore chances when I get home ? Cause they’re going to try to be all in my business when I touch down ? Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Right is right , and wrong is wrong . I don’t believe in making excuses for my actions , so I won’t make or accept any for or from anybody else . Excuses are tools of incompetance used to make mountains out of nothingness . Song of the day : Mary J. Blige – Be Happy . ( Man I’m IN LOVE WITH HER . )

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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