James Chambers

Amazing love story !


Yestarday I had great visit with my baby, She always makes me feel so great.Even though we talk everyday we still have so much to talk about. She had greatday with her mom and sister for mothers day she took them out to get nails done. Also her son payed for her to get hair done so when I seen her at visit she looked very beautiful. So I got hear about her day with mom ! I love seeing her spendtime with her mom because i know how close she is with her. But we also get our weekly board games in after a whole week of me telling her how bad Im going to beat her. Well needless to say I won at monopoly but she won 4 games of yahtzee. Which i was really trying to win at because last week she beat me very bad! She just really seems to distract me when were playing yahtzee. She pulls out all the tactics, We have such greattime time flies by . I love to hear about her work and everyday life. I love that she shares her life with me and Iam so grateful for everything she is to me. She makes my days so much better she always makes me laugh and gives me strength . Just one more amazing visit thank god for all his blessings it is awesome how the lord always knows what we need !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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