Ian Strawn

Prison Time

hello again its me ian strawn doc 883484 here at stafford creek correction center .
well the past few days after my visit have been kind of hectic . i have had to take a drug test twice god knows what for it is frusterating but you have to take the bad with the good i hav had a lot of positive energy comming to me lately like people comming back into my life and the universe just making things happen lately that are positive so i think i am getting what some people call a run of bad luck. wich i decide to avoid it as best i can i feel like we create our own energy but we can not controll it so i define them as energy waves our life line is on a point A to point B the positive energy flows high and the negative flows low . its like a frequincy and you gotta soak up the positive and avoid the negative . i can not controll the people around me but i can controll the way i act and as long as i stay positive the positive thing will continue to flow i just need to handle each situation properly and i will reap the bennifits that i deserve . i will one day be at the head of my empire where i will leave a legacy for all of my loved ones . tis situation is temporaryu and i wont allways have to deal with people who gossip about you and i will say what ever they want but untill i come home i will have to adapt to my enviornment ant learn as best i can how to deal with people who are never going to ammount to more than what ther tiny little minds will let them achieve . i how ever am striving to grow to great achievments wich i have to stay positive i have to be commited and i have to learn to smile to every one so my envirnment will be a happier place . well for now.

Ian Strawn
DOC # 883484

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