Jarvais Warren

The “Are you ready for prison” test

(keep track of points to see if U R ready!)

– Ya come back from using the phone, and there’s a candy bar on ya pillow.
Do Ya-
+100 Eat it! Mmm mmm good?
+2 Split it with your cellmate?
-67 Ask who put it there?
+9 Get pissed because someone touched your pillow

– You bump into a fellow inmate, he stares at ya.
Do ya-
+4 Walk away like it never happened?
+29 Say excuse me?
+70 Ask him WTF is he looking at?
+5 Act like you know him from another prison (“Hey Earl!”)

-You got a new celly, and he aint cleaned the house once!
Do ya-
+6 challenge him to a duel by slapping him with a glove like on the old bugs bunny cartoons?
+18 Tell him your issue and set up a schedule?
-1 Throw the damn broom at him! He’ll get the point!?
+8 Eh, don’t clean up either.

-you see a cup on the table thats been there for atleast 28hrs.
Do ya-
+11 Slap it on the ground?
-2 Don’t worry about it because it aint yours?
+23 Take it! Its been there to long nobody wants it?
0 Sell it?

You go to work out, there is someones ID tag on a bench.
-Do ya
+9 Pick it up and ask who does it belong too?
+6 Ask him if you can join?
+19 Sit down and start working out because you so big and bad?
+10 Tell him you got next?

Now take a minute to score your points……..

Howja do?

Now, please understand prison rules did not come from no point system. They came from angry ole prisoners that wanted stuff a certain way!

And I say screw the points! The second choice was the right one on each question!

[all answers would be fine, if your willing to deal with the situations afterwards. Hell, ya might be the kinda person that likes the hole.]

If you scored high congrats! (100+)
Your going to have an interesting stay, you like to live life reckless. And you should take my other test. “Are you coming to prison”

We’ll leave the light on for ya!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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