Daniel Turner


Oneproblem with getting one’s moral framework from a religion is that religions, not using the scientific method or being overly concerned with facts, take FOREVER to change. The Catholic Church was still issuing the blood libel against Jews (the idea that Jews used the blood of Christian babies in rituals) in the twentieth century. Up until relatively recent times, people used the Bible and God to justify the existence of slavery and the massacre of native peoples of the Americas. Today, you see the religious folks holding on tight to their sacred beliefs about gay marriage and the war on drugs, despite the facts and the moral evolution in the world at large. Reason allows for (relatively) rapid change, because reason has to deal with the facts and make corrections. Religion relies on ancient “truths” established without any evidence, and only changes when modernized people in the flocks demand it. And then only reluctantly and very slowly.

Dan Turner
DOC #767569

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