Mike Lindsey


Hey Guys its me again.

Today i was told about a website where they are trying to gain public approval for prisoners to have gaming systems. I think this would be a great idea and it has wprked out well for other prisoners in other states. Check out the website and see what you think. Go to facebook and type in Videogames end prison violence.

Here in Washington state videogames have been approved from Doc but every prison is scared of what the public opinion is going to be when they find out that we are playing games in our cells. But what they may or may not know is that we already have games on our jp4s. We have card and baoard games in the dayrooms.

In a setting that is racialy charged and where your locked up and in your cell all the time and you have nothing to lose a game to keep your mind busy is a great thing. Ive spent 5 years in closed custidy and your locked in your 8 by 12 cell all but 5-7 hours a week. Thats alot of dead time and it had an effect on your mental state. And when your out of your cell you have to deal with the problems and politics of the people around you. There would be less probems if people had something to consume there time and keep them busy.

Now with the budget cuts they have pulled most of our education programs, vocational programs, family programs. Funding to keep us busy is going and its just getting worse. Soon there will be nothing to keep us busy and bettering ourselfs and the gangs and trouble makers will be more boared than they are now and the violence will pick up again. Those days im not looking forword to.

Well guys im going to go for now. I hope that you all look up that artical and sign the patition. Have a good day.


Mike Lindsey
DOC #847863

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  1. My man, I am torn about this. And other things. One question though if video games were allowed just which games would be played. Most are violent, which doesn’t interest me Now like games of pinball or those back in the eighties. And sport games also cool. Just curious if able what would be approved.


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