Daniel Turner

Atheism in Prison

The idea of finding God in prison is a cliche. Paris Hilton said she read the Bible during her stay in jail. Michael Vick said religion helped him with his tendency to run brutal dog fights. A prisoner would be a fool to admit being an atheist at a parole hearing, but citing religion is expected. Nevertheless, while religion clearly helps some people change their lives for the better, it doesn’t always cut it, and it’s not for everyone, and I think it comes loaded with baggage.

There’s a better way. I came into prison 18 years ago as a believer, and I’ll get out next year as an atheist and a transformed man. And I attribute it to a focus on individualism, education, rational thought, and a human-based moral philosophy. No deities or miracles required. 🙂

Dan Turner
DOC #767569

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